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About Us

MEDA Communication S.A. is an entirely Greek company, comprised of research scientists, sociologists, political scientists and communication specialists, committed to cooperate and offer their services, bound by high professional standards, to the Greek market.
Leaders in operating exclusively in the fields of Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Marketing, we aim to provide high quality services, while constantly seeking to develop new tools and business solutions through creativity and innovation.

Our Vision
is to become the point of reference of the Greek business realm for the promotion and development of the “triple bottom line” approach, which emphasizes that total corporate performance should be calculated based upon combined corporate contribution to economic prosperity, environmental quality, and social capital.

Our Mission is to provide innovative consulting services and develop specialized business tools, for corporations of all sizes, in order to simultaneously develop their economic, social and environmental responsibility, contributing to the greater goal of sustainable development.
In 2003, under the framework of our specialized Corporate Social Responsibility tools, we introduced for the first time to the Greek market, the Awareness & Social Behavior Index (A.S.B.I.), a unique strategic research tool, aiming to:
  • Provide for the first time quantitative data regarding the social sensitivity and behavior of Greek citizens.
  • Contribute to the accumulated knowledge and understanding of the social environment that corporations and NGOs operate in.
  • Examine the dissemination, awareness, and popularity of corporate and NGO social work.
  • Contribute, with a targeted communicative and developmental strategy, to the advancement of social responsibility of all agents.
In 2005, we pioneered by launching a new informative/training tool addressed exclusively to employees, the Responsible Employee Attitude Challenge on CSR (R.E.A.Ch.-CSR). More specifically, R.E.A.Ch.-CSR is a game of knowledge, information, and attitudes, under the framework of CSR, especially designed for all level employees. It stresses issues comprising basic CSR principles, by challenging the participant/employee to perceive, through a pleasant way, new information, as well as the spread of the CSR concept in regards to corporate conduct.
We believe that at the beginning of the 21st century Corporate Social Responsibility is integrated into corporate operations of all companies and can contribute to the creation of a better world.

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