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Responsible Employee Attitude Challenge on CSR

MEDA Communication, in the context of its policy for the development of practical business tools that enhance the integration of Corporate Social Responsibility into corporate culture, developed the ‘Responsible Employee Attitude Challenge on CSR’ (R.E.A.Ch. – CSR)
by taking into consideration:
1. The results and directives concluded in the European Multistakeholder Forum on CSR, held in June 2004 for the promotion of the CSR concept, and particularly the sections regarding Stakeholder Dialogue (Engagement) and workplace CSR training.
2. The fact that the internal corporate environment constitutes the basis for CSR development, by emphasising on raising awareness, training, supporting and engaging employees.

R.E.A.Ch. - CSR is a training/informative game that raises CSR awareness and knowledge, and enhances the development of a positive workplace attitude towards the CSR concept, offering the opportunity to organizations to enrich, in an innovative way, employee information and training processes.
Applied through corporate intranet or in the form of a workshop, R.E.A.Ch. – CSR includes 20 different scenarios, regarding both the internal as well as the external corporate environment, that employees are challenged to address based on the principles of CSR. In this way, the participants gradually discover their personal perceptions on such issues, while having to select between alternative choices, they appreciate the challenges that CSR poses to corporate conduct. Concurrently, they get informed and trained on the reasoning behind the desired answers, by the support of MEDA’s executive staff, while dialogue and employee engagement are greatly encouraged.
R.E.A.Ch. – CSR’s content (scenarios and alternatives) is based on three official European Commission papers, namely:
  1. The Green Paper, entitled 'Promoting a European Framework for Corporate Social Responsibility' (18/7/2001)
  2. ‘Corporate Social Responsibility - A Business Contribution to Sustainable Development’ (2/7/2002)
  3. ‘European Multistakeholder Forum on CSR’  (29/6/2004)
For further information on R.E.A.Ch. – CSR, as well as for a presentation of the available DEMO, please fill out the form on the left of this page.


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