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Awareness & Social Behavior Index - A.S.B.I.

 The Idea
In the contemporary business environment, it is essential for every company interested in “investing” in corporate responsibility, to first be aware of the factors affecting the desired CSR action field and of the elements that will lead to targeted choices of social or environmental initiatives, under the framework of Corporate Social Responsibility.
The Awareness & Social Behavior Index (A.S.B.I.), is an innovative specialized strategic tool, developed in order to systematically observe the trends of Greek society regarding issues of social sensitivity of Greek citizens, NGOs, and the social work of corporations under the framework of Corporate Social Responsibility.
As a research tool, A.S.B.I. differentiates fundamentally from typical social or market surveys. Its novelty is contributed to the following points:
1. It integrates, in terms of both design and analysis, research practices used in empirical social research, political culture and behavior research, consumer and market research.
2. It is not based on simple data recording and reporting, but on the development of complex and special attitude/behavior indices, resulting in allowing thorough analysis and data back up for the researcher as well as providing substantial and targeted information for the client/subscriber.
3. It focuses on issues like social volunteerism, acceptance and impact of NGOs, Corporate Social Responsibility, which are relatively “new” and “unfamiliar” to Greek society and for which it aims to create a “constant observatory of attitudes”.
7 Reasons to Subscribe
By acquiring A.S.B.I., as a methodological strategic Corporate Social Responsibility tool, your company is able to:
  1. Be informed and monitor whether its social policy is aligned to Greek public opinion expectations.

  2. Define its social profile for the Greek society in terms of recognition, penetration, and popularity.

  3. Acquire a unique tool – an observatory of attitudes- which spots Greek public opinion’s shifts and differentiations regarding issues of social interest, which can influence corporate image and branding.

  4. Apply targeted CSR actions directly affecting opinion leaders, customers, shareholders and employees.

  5. Develop a completely targeted sponsorship strategy program based on measurable data and adjusted to the needs of corporate social policy.

  6. Actively participate in A.S.B.I., by directly addressing Greek public opinion with questions relative to corporate needs, in the context of CSR.

  7. Enhance its social work according to corporate specific executive report, which includes directions and proposals for social policy development according to A.S.B.I. findings.
Technical Note
Technical Note
Concept - Management: MEDA Communication S.A.
Implementation: VPRC
Type and Method: Quantitative study, based on telephon interviews, using structured questionnaire
Area: Greece (including Aegean and Ionian islands)
Population: General population over 18 years old
Sample: 1.000
Timeframe: Annual (March-April)




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