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Since 2001, MEDA Communication offers innovative Corporate Social Responsibility consulting services and develops specialized business tools for businesses and organizations of all sizes. It has worked with large companies from nearly all business sectors for the development of their corporate responsibility policy. MEDA Communication’s multifaceted approach to Corporate Social Responsibility includes services that cover basic fields, such as that of: research, strategy, stakeholder dialogue, responsible corporate culture, corporate volunteerism, CSR reporting and communication.

Social Barometer - A.S.B.I.

The Awareness & Social Behavior Index (A.S.B.I.), the largest CSR research project in Greece, is an innovating and specialized tool concerning Greek public opinion and perception in respect to issues of social sensitivity, and the social profile and impact of NGOs and corporations. Conducted on an annual basis since 2003, it provides more than 100 indicators of different complexity, as well as market intelligence and information on the social activities and impact of more than 100 companies and 120 NGOs, based on 1,500 face to face interviews.

Green Business Practice

Bearing in mind new CSR trends, as well as the necessity for public and private sector to develop more systematic and effective initiatives for environmental protection, MEDA Communication and Yli, two specialized companies in providing CSR and environmental management solutions respectively, jointly developed a new innovative service concerning the enhancement of Green Business Practice. The service involves the development of an Environmental Corporate Initiatives Platform, based on the mobilization and participation of the primary Stakeholder group of employees. This service provides a specialized solution for corporations wishing to maximize the effectiveness of their voluntary initiatives for the environment, while it concurrently contributes to: 1) Constituting the basic principles for adopting an integrated environmental management policy towards sustainable development, 2) Preparing a pool of environmentally active future employees, 3) Creating the solid requirements for ensuring employee support and engagement to corporate environmental initiative, 4) Enhancing corporate image to primary Stakeholders, 5) Creating best practices that will assist the development of a common corporate environmental culture, 6) Enhancing communication, employee loyalty and satisfaction, 7) Enabling corporate membership to networks and institutions that award sound environmental practice.

R.E.A.Ch. - CSR

The Responsible Employee Attitude Challenge on Corporate Social Responsibility (R.E.A.Ch.-CSR) facilitates employees’ CSR knowledge and engagement through an interactive software application that provides a user-friendly environment for all level employees. It is based on the results and directives included in the European Multistakeholder Forum on CSR, especially on the parts concerning Stakeholder Dialogue (Engagement), as well as on the importance that internal CSR implementation through employee involvement holds for an integrated CSR approach.


CSR: Strategic Approach

In the contemporary business environment, corporations as different and independent entities, each one with unique characteristics, operate and conduct in special circumstances which influence greatly the way they perceive the meaning of Corporate Social Responsibility. MEDA Communication, supporting the integrated approach to CSR, has developed a CSR implementation and strategic directions framework, comprised of six stages, based on integrating corporate characteristics and priorities throughout all of those stages. This approach to CSR strategy by MEDA Communication, ensures the creation, management and systematic development of corporate identity based on socially accepted characteristics. The strategy stage in CSR development is essential for it basically communicates the nature and direction of corporate social and environmental initiatives, while it concurrently diminishes misinterpretations, and supports the understanding of corporate conduct by developing a positive cooperation environment between the corporation and its primary Stakeholder groups.

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INFOnote has been developed by Meda Communication in order to promote the dialogue and contribute to the development of knowledge on the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility for the Greek public. INFOnote’s purpose is to inform key-managers, to raise questions as well as to encourage the dialogue on CSR through brief information from the international and national environment. Respecting your time and priorities we hope that by reading our INFOnote we will contribute further to your knowledge on CSR.
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